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Your Talent Team offers quality programs in Dance, Physie, Musical Theatre, Cheerleading and Yoga to people of the Shoalhaven Region.

At Your Talent Team your child will be ENCOURAGED, NURTURED and TRAINED by our dedicated teachers who aim to provide students with the skills and attributes to achieve both now, as well as in the future.

Your Talent Team is committed to a whollistic approach in developing our students with a focus on the physical, mental and social strengths.  We aim not only to teach and develop our student's skills and techniques to an elite standard plus building physical fitness, but to also foster each student’s self-esteem. Your Talent Team provides a safe and positive environment where each student feels comfortable and supported to ACHIEVE their personal goals. By joining our studio family your child will make lifelong friendships and experience positive social relationships with their peer groups, and studio families. Your Talent Team strives to develop competitive performers while still allowing for the process to be fun and fulfilling. Your Talent Team provides a unique opportunity for your child to learn many life lessons through engaging in our programs along with the foundation for a happy, healthy and successful life. This is due to the dedicated Teachers and their own experiences as a child growing up with Dance!!  At Your Talent Team your child will always be TRAINED, ENCOURAGED and INSPIRED to be the BEST performer and person they can be.

Some of the amazing opportunities for your child include:

- Eisteddfod Competitions
- Examinations in CSTD Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Musical Theatre
- APDA Physie competitions at a Zone and National levels
- APDA Physie Teams Competitions
- Participation in Community Events
- ALL STAR Cheer & Dance competitions
- Your Talent Team Productions
- School Holidays Workshops
- Private Lessons
- Development Camps
- Audition opportunities and preparation

​- Training, Skills, Travel, Achievement and so much more



You’re in Great Hands




Amy began dancing at an early age and fell in love instantly. 

The studio became her second home.  Even as a child Amy always knew she wanted to eventually become a dance teacher. To further her education she went to Macdonald College Performing Arts School and progressed into full time dancing in Sydney, performing at various professional events in Commercial Jazz and Contemporary dance.  Amy then moved to London and studied at the London Contemporary Dance School.  Shecompleted a Diploma in Contemporary Dance.  In this time, Amy further developed her training in Ballet, Contemporary and her love and passion for choreography.  Amy also had the pleasure of teaching dance to the disabled.  These 3 years were life changing.  Amy had the opportunity to learn from, work beside and be inspired by amazing teachers and professionals.

In 2001 Amy returned home and began teaching for the Berry Dance and Performing Arts Studio. Teaching Contemporary, Modern, Improvisation and creative development, Jazz, Hip hop, Tap and Ballet.  In which time she completed a 3 year teacher training course with the RAD to be a qualified RAD teacher.

Amy had a dream one day to bring yoga into a dancer’s world.  With this intention she began 3 years of travel, living and studying yoga in Ashram experiences from New Zealand to India to Australia.  The Yoga Retreat and Educational Centre in Mangrove Mountain then became her home for 5 years.  During this period of time she worked, lived and studied with the yogic community.  Amy completed a 2 year Diploma in Yogic Studies becoming a Fully Accredited Yoga Teacher, SYTA Affiliate Member. 

Amy created her own unique form of Dance meditation “if you can move you can dance.”  Bringing creative dance for all into the yoga world.  Amy coordinated and facilitated many events, some of which include: Dance Meditation workshops,  Dancing soulfully weekend retreats, and Family Yoga weekends which inspired Amy to start teaching yoga and creative dance to kids.  To further her education in teaching yoga to children she completed teacher training courses with Zenergy Yoga for Kids including Foundation, Advanced, Yoga Therapy and a Masters course.

2014 and back on the South Coast, Amy first worked with Tanya Marchiori to create and choreograph dance items for a School Program 'Activated'.  Amy then began teaching for Shoalhaven Physie Dance School and Your Talent Team studio.  Amy is now an Affiliate Member - CSTD The Commonwealth Society of Teacher of Dancing.

In early 2016 Amy participated in the Barre Attack Teachers Training Course, and will sit accreditation in May.  Barre Attack is the latest program offered by YTT and has already proven great results.

Amy is also an active member of the Shoalhaven Physie Club, competing in Ladies competitions.  2016 was her first year of competing and she took out 1st Place at all Interclub competitions and an APDA National Beginner Ladies 2nd Place!!!

"I have 15 years of teaching experience and in all of my career and amazing opportunities, the children and my fellow Teachers at Your Talent Team have taught me the most by far.  They are all the greatest inspirations I have ever had, I feel privileged to work with them and I enjoy everyday".

"Dance Yoga and Teaching are my passion and my joy. My mission and belief as a teacher is to always continue to learn, grow, share and create.  It is important for children to have the space to develop knowledge, discipline and structure to create a solid foundation for them to learn and develop physical, mental and emotional skills for dance and for life.  We will always support and nurture a child’s confidence, learning and creativity".

Miss Amy x



Tanya’s family roots lay deeply in the world of Physie and Dance. For three generations before her, the women in her family had taught and practiced the discipline with great passion. It was a way of life, a slight obsession, a social sector and always a family affair! Inspired by her Aunties and Mother, who studied ballet, Tanya followed family tradition and began driving all the men in her family crazy by constantly practising in the kitchen, marching down the hall, stretching in the bathroom, rearranging the lounge room furniture to practice as well as torturing the boys with long days of competitions, bad music, leotards, and hairdo’s. 

Tanya has treasured memories of sharing physie with her Mother, Grandmother, Cousins and Aunties and now her own daughters. It was her cherished Great Aunty Docy that first enrolled Tanya in official classes and drove her twice a week to Nowra Uniting Church Physical Culture Club for lessons. It was here that Tanya relished in learning a syllabus, and developing technique as well as competing both individually and as part of a team. Tanya LOVED Physie, her teachers and her physie friends! She was not a natural dancer but her dedication and persistence paid off, when at the age of twelve, Tanya was first selected to perform on the Sydney Opera House Stage for national finals. Since then, Tanya has also had the privilege of performing at The Sydney Opera House as a Senior and Lady. Tanya holds her experiences and memories of being a National Finalist and winning two consecutive National Titles with her Championship Grade Team in high regard. It has not only fed her passion for and commitment to the sport but equipped her to be able to motivate and train her students to the same level.   

Throughout high school, Tanya’s passion for performance and interest in the arts grew. Her high school drama teacher Mrs Roberts always supported Tanya and provided her with a great appreciation for theatre, outstanding drama and performance skills and unique opportunities. It was in high school that Tanya was lucky enough to make two special dance friends - Amy and Rachael, who are now her colleagues.

Tanya continued to compete at an elite level as a young adult while pursuing a successful finance career in a Toyota Car Dealership. It was here that Tanya learnt valuable sales skills and further into her career, business ownership and management skills that would assist her in establishing and running a studio.

Following in her Great, Great Aunty Norma Graham’s and her Mother Janene Marchiori footsteps,  Tanya began teaching and was registered a BJP Associate in 2006. She has now has been teaching for 11 Years. In 2011, she became an Associate of APDA and founded her own dance school called Shoalhaven Physie Dance School. Tanya has independently run and taught Shoalhaven Physie Dance School for the last 5 years as well as increasing her experience, education and associations to include;

* Diploma Certificate IV in Business Management 
* APDA Associate- The Australian Physie and Dance Association
* APDA Accredited National Level Judge - The Australian Physie and Dance Association
* CSTD Affiliate Member - The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing
* AASCF Coaching Accredited - Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation
* Judging Senior National final at The Sydney Opera House

Tanya is extremely proud of her student’s hard work, dedication and achievements. She has taught National Placegetters, her students have been selected as APDA National Finalists - Top 12 in Australia and they were invited to perform at The Sydney Opera House. Shoalhaven Physie Dance School has produced more than 5 Champion Teams, progressing from placing in B Grade to Championship Grade Teams in just 3 years. Tanya is proud of her association with APDA and their commitment to bringing  physie and dance into the 21st Century. 

In 2014, Tanya was given an opportunity from long time local dance teacher Meryl Papalous to take over her dance studio in Bomaderry. Tanya graciously accepted and has since relished the opportunity to honour years of Miss Meryls dedication and to build the studio. Tanya renamed the studio Your Talent Team and aimed to install the values, practices, success, passion, friendships and achievements she had created at Shoalhaven Physie Dance School into the new organisation. Tanya takes great pride that today, Your Talent Team is vibrant organisation with talented, successful and happy students, dedicated teachers and supportive studio families. In 2016 she was thrilled to invite her two friends and accomplished dance teachers Amy and Rachael to be her colleagues and is confident that Your Talent Team will be a guiding light in providing quality and affordable programs to children of the Shoalhaven Region.

Due to her competitive nature Tanya still enjoys the competition aspect of dance through teaching but it is the special relationship with her students that she truly values. Her students consistently motivate her to be the best teacher she can be......
“I love sharing my passion for dance and performance with my students, knowing that they are going to get the same benefits and joy out of performance as I have in my life. I can’t help but admire my student’s enthusiasm, commitment, dedication and talent and I strive to honour this by teaching them to the best of my ability. I treasure the hours we spend together locked in a studio and the numerous weekends at competitions. I love being able to watch the girls grow up right in front of your eyes and to have the opportunity to empower them for life by feeding their confidence, helping them achieve their goals and giving them real skills to achieve both now and in the future. I hope that we can keep creating special memories and experiences for our students that will continue to inspire them throughout their life.”
Miss Tanya x



Born in Ballarat, dance was a part of Eliza’s life from the moment she was born, with a big sister a dedicated ballerina. Eliza started dance herself at the age of 4 at the “Ballarat Ballet Centre”, under the teachings of Trudy and Lisa Harris. Many weekends, holidays, and afternoons were spent at the well know “South Street”, a dance competition in Her Majesties theatre in Ballarat. 

Not long after starting dance, Eliza fell in love with Gymnastics. Starting at Ballarat YMCA, Eliza spent every spare moment flipping around and practicing. 
After settling in Sydney with her family, she joined Sydney North Dance under principle Lorraine Baines, completing her RAD Ballet, Jazz, and Tap exams. She enrolled in the Australian Girls Choir as another creative outlet. She also joined Epping YMCA Gymnastics, competing all levels from 1-4 at a state level and training up to level 5. It was during this time, training 4x a week that she tore her ligaments, limiting her ability to compete on the Bars apparatus and forcing her to resign from Competitive Gymnastics.  It was around this time that Eliza was invited by her Step Mother to join their Junior Calisthenics Team, at Boronia Calisthenics club, under the coaching of her step sister, Shannon Stubbs. She continued on there until it’s closure, then joining Sylvania Calisthenics under Coach Sue Mooney. 

Although not originally perusing a career in the dance and gymnastics world, Eliza continued to dance recreationally into her adult life, attending adult gymnastics, vertical fitness and aerial yoga. Instead, she completed her Cert II in Nails, and worked and studied at the prestigious makeup academy, SLA Academy in Baulkham Hills, Sydney. 

In 2015, after relocating to Nowra for a sea change for herself and her then 4 year old daughter, Eliza came across an ad for a job as a Tumbling Coach at Shoalhaven Cheer Academy. She eagerly applied, hoping to pass on all her knowledge and insight from years as a gymnast. 

Eliza is now in her 3rd year coaching Cheerleading for Your Talent Team at Shoalhaven Cheer Academy, now teaching all aspects of Cheer, and a range of classes including Competition Cheer, Recreational Cheer, Preschool Cheer and Mini Cheer. In 2017, she was promoted to Head Cheer Coach, taking on a bigger role amongst the Dance School. Eliza likes to ensure all students are not only learning new skills, but safely reaching their goals with correct progressions and strength. Educating the athletes on the importance of body awareness, engaging muscle groups and taking skills one step at a time is Eliza’s coaching method - from Preschoolers all the way to Seniors. 

Eliza, alongside studio owner Miss Tanya and assistant Coach Miss Steph, has had 2 successful years with her teams competitions at AASCF State competition. In 2016, the Senior Competition Team “Supernovaz” placed 5th in NSW, and in 2017, the Youth Team “Lazers” placed 4th in NSW. 

In 2017 Eliza joined Ladies Physie. Competing as a beginner lady, she had success in her first year of interclubs, placing 5th, 4th, and 3rd. 

As of 2018, Eliza has added another class to her teaching timetable - Musical Theatre. With her love of Music, Musicals, and dancing, she hopes to create a safe, fun, and sometimes a bit silly environment for all the students in Musical Theatre, really allowing their confidence and abilities to shine. 

“Dance and acrobatics was a huge part of my childhood and upbringing. Being surrounded by other dance families is one of my fondest memories, and I’m excited to be a part of a new generation creating these memories. Your Talent Team has become a 2nd family to not only me, but my daughter and mother too. It is a truely remarkable place to be and I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing, talented team.”



Stephanie Perry (AKA Miss Steph). 

Steph was born into the performance world. Her grandfather, Uncle and Aunties have been a part of the local Music Scene for over 5 decades. Her Uncle and Aunty have performed in over 12 musical productions locally in the past decade alone. So, it didn’t surprise anyone when Steph showed an interest in singing at a very early age.  Her love of everything ‘Performing Arts’ grew in primary school after her PA teacher Mrs Armstrong recognised and encouraged her to participate in every opportunity available. 

In 2011, as a year 4 student Steph participated in Southern Stars as part of the mass school dance section and this beginning her love for dance. 

In 2012, Steph joined Le’ Pointe dance studio and enrolled in the 11 years Jazz and Hip-Hop classes. She was also accepted into the ISER (Illawarra and South East Regional Performing Company) as one of 12 students in the Drama Company. ISER was a great platform that allowed Steph to experience many opportunities from being a featured performer in Southern Stars to participate in drama at a local, regional and state level.

2012 was also the year that Steph entered an online talent search competition and was selected to sing and dance with Todd McKenney in his ‘Songs and Stories of Peter Allen’ Tour (The Boy from Oz).

In 2013, Steph (now 13) decided that dance was her passion. She continued to take Hip-Hop and Jazz classes when Le’ Pointe was sold and became ‘NikStars Dance Academy.’ Steph was awarded a Scholarship in Hip-Hop for 2014. 

In 2014, Your Talent Team took over NikStars and Steph added an additional genre ‘Modern’ to her developing dance skills. Steph was also selected as a member of the Bomaderry High School Junior Dance Company. In October of 2014 Steph accompanied her mother to a JD Dance Line Dancing class. It was here that she discovered a totally different type of dance – away from the mainstream dance that local teenagers were accustomed to.  

Steph took her first Ballet class with Your Talent Team in 2015 and joined the Line Dancing Performance Team with JD Dance. She participated in 2 Line Dance competitions. She won the Encouragement Award along with many medals and trophies at both the Leeton and NSW Line Dance competitions.

In January 2016, Steph competed at the Australian Line Dancing Championships in Tamworth. She entered 24 events and placed in 21 of them including winning 6 Australian Titles.  Total medal count was 6 Gold, 7 Silver and 8 Bronze.

Steph also competed at both Leeton (August) and NSW (October) and danced away with many more medals and trophies to add to her growing collection. In February, Steph added another style of dance to her already growing classes when she started Physie with Miss Tanya. Steph placed well at interclub competitions.  Steph’s talent for dance was also recognised at school when she was awarded the Lloyd Family Award for Excellence in Dance.

2017 was by far one of the most exciting years in Dance for Steph when she was asked to join the teaching staff of Your Talent Team. Taking on her own Jazz and Hip-Hop classes as well as Assistant Coach to Miss Eliza at Shoalhaven Cheer Academy (Recreational Cheer) and assisting Miss Amy with Tap. She also continued to squeeze in her own classes in Hip-Hop, Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Physie, Cheerleading and even musical theatre.

Steph headed back to Tamworth for the Australian Line Dancing Championships for the 2nd time, where she added another 3 Australian Titles to her belt. Steph placed in 18 of her 23 events and competed at the NSW Championships where she won a swag of medals. 

At school, Steph was a member of the Bomaderry High School Senior Dance Company and won the Senior Dance Company Award at the 2017 School Presentation Award Ceremony.

2018 promises to be another exciting and challenging year as Steph enters her first year of her HSC Studies, with dance as one of her chosen electives. Steph is excited to take on a more active role in teaching at Your Talent Team with Miss Tanya, Miss Amy, Miss Rachael and Miss Eliza and she is already in training to compete at the World Dance Masters Qualifiers and the Australasian Championships in Line Dancing in May 2018.


Ballet, Lyrical, Modern & Contemporary