Dance for fun & fitness!

At Your Talent Team we offer a huge range of adult classes across 4 days a week!

Bring back some childhood dancing memories or create a dancing bond with your daughter and take a class or two in Ladies Physie. Learn 5 dances across a range of styles that incorporate movement, strength, and co-ordination. But dont worry - Physie caters to beginners all the way to opens!

Enjoy a gym class away from the gym and give Barre Attack a go! Work on smaller muscle groups that you never knew could burn, and enjoy the use of specialised equipment like resistance bands and barre attack sliding plates!

Feel like putting on some dancing shoes? Why not try our NEW Adult Combo class! Enjoy a mixture of Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop, catering to all from beginners to advanced dancers! This fun and friendly class will keep you moving and make you laugh! And if thats not enough - hang around afterwards to try your feet at Adult Tap! Our adult tap class has always been incredibly popular, utilising your feet to make the music!

Wanting to do something a little outside the box? Give our Adult Cheer & Fitness class a go! There is nothing more exhilarating than not only learning a new skill, but getting fit in the process! Ever dreamt of being able to lift another fully sized human into the air? Is it on your bucket list to learn how to do  handstand? Come and check out our adult cheer class and surprise yourself with what your capable of! 

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