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At YTT we offer multiple classes suited for boys, but the crowd favourite is the All boys hip-hop class!

The discipline required to be a dancer is beneficial to any area of life.  Dance teaches perseverance, focus and the importance of positive thinking.  A dance studio is a safe place where children can be free to express themselves creatively.

There are a number of reasons why boys should dance.  

To be a leader not a follower!  Dancing is more a team sport than most people think.  Performing in a group teaches children team skills like any other sport.  Along with strength, coordination, fitness, and agility.  Dance keeps you in condition and makes you strong and fit for other sports – and life in general.

There are many health benefits from learning dance.  Gaining body awareness, conditioning the body, improved function of your heart and lungs, improved brain function and psychological well being.  Self-esteem and confidence is also learned by being in challenging circumstances such as on stage or learning challenging steps.

At YTT the boys are cool, inspiring team members.  Our teachers encourage their individual creativity to come out in a nurturing environment.

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