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Come and join SCA All Stars. We are offering an athletic program for boys and girls which includes tumbling, stunts, dance and strength and the opportunity to compete in Australia’s largest National Competition Series.

We are associated with the Australian Cheer Federation. They promote many benefits of cheer as a unique and fast growing sport in Australia;


“All Star cheerleading is a competition sport that involves girls and/or boys performing a 2 minute and 30 second routine composed of team tumbling, stunting, pyramids and dance segments. This routine is performed and scored against other competitive teams at various local, regional, national, and worldwide competitions. When we refer to team tumbling, we mean skills like cartwheels and back handsprings. Stunting refers to a group of two or more individuals that elevate another cheerleader in the air. This also includes co-ed stunting that may only include one base and one flyer. Pyramids are a form of stunting but are done as a large group and are interconnected. Dance is a portion of a routine that consists of choreographed high energy dance moves".

"All-Star Cheerleading squads do not cheer for other sports teams.  They are the team! 

The athletes are not only trained to get their bodies to peak physical fitness.  They will learn the important “life lesson’s” of respect, dedication, self confidence, commitment and most importantly, teamwork.

All-Star Cheerleading teams differ from other teams by training all year-round for competitions.  They also differ from most other sports in that every team member is vital to the team and the performance. There are no benchwarmers. Everybody has an integral part! Each member of the squad is trained in all aspects of the sport in order to develop their skills to reach their maximum potential.

All-Star teams typically consist of between 12 and 32 athletes.  Squads can be either co-ed or all girl.  Teams are carefully constructed to include all the elements needed to perform the complex routines of basing, flying, tumbling and dancing.  Most of these well rounded athletes are capable of performing all of these skills. 

Competition routines are typically 2:30 minutes in length. Music is added to each element and transition of the routine to enhance the intricate choreography.  At competitions, the teams are divided by age and ability level. The routines are judged based on difficulty, execution, creativity, and showmanship.   Competitions are the focus point where all the teams hard work is put to the test.

All-Star competitive Cheerleading is what most people recognize as "Bring it On /ESPN Cheerleading".  It is a fast paced, dynamic sport that encompasses stunt, tumbling, tosses and dance, and requires dedication and a strong work ethic from the male and female athletes that participate. It is as physically demanding as any other mainstream sport and is one of the fastest growing team based athletic sports in the USA.

Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation, (AASCF) is an organisation for All Star Cheerleading coaches & athletes around the country dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Cheerleading as a respected athletic discipline and sport.

AASCF provides coach and athlete education, camps/clinics and Australia’s largest National competition series”

Reference   http://www.aascf.com.au


Cheerleading is the ultimate team sport. Teaching life skills like commitment, problem solving, and team work, in a fun and friendly atmosphere.


Tumbling, also known as flipping, tricks, or acrobatics, is a fast growing program at SCA All Stars. Offering both recreational classes and competition squad classes, we cater to all levels of skills, from beginner to advanced.

Within our tumbling program, we pride ourselves in putting safety first, and not teaching athletes skills their bodies aren't ready for. To do this, we following the P3 system - PRACTICE, PERFECTION, PROGRESSION. This ensures that adequate  strength and control is built as the building blocks to progress through skills.


Stunting is a vital skill in cheerleading. It requires extreme strength and co-ordination.

Stunting consists of 1 top person, called a flyer, and 1-4 others called bases. The bases and flyers all work together to elevate the flyer in the air in stunts and tosses, always focusing on safety. Each member of the stunt group has a vital role, whether it is balancing the flyer, holding the foot on the correct angle, or protecting the head and neck area. The flyers job is to always stay stiff as a board, control their body weight, and pull beautiful body positions while elevated in the air!

Our athletes learn safe progressions with their stunting, with our coaches focusing on correct technique to protect all members of the stunt group. Through this and muscle memory, athletes begin to advance, and progress through the stunting levels.


Competitions are the highlight of our cheerleaders year. Aiming to do 3+ competitions a year, including the NSW STATE CHAMPIONSHIP. Here our athletes get to compete against other teams, showcasing their skills including tumbling, stunting, jumping, and dancing.



Our Recreational cheer classes run a few times a week, teaching all the same skills as our competition teams, but without the commitment for competitions. Instead, our Rec class works on skills and routines throughout the year to perform at the YOUR TALENT TEAM end of year concert at the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre.

Our Rec classes are open to anyone, and are a great way to try out cheerleading before joining the competition teams for the following season.

Recreational Cheer is for ALL ages, with a Mini Squad class (8+ under) and a Junior Rec class (9+). 


Preschool Cheer is for our smallest athletes! They learn the basics of stunting and tumbling, plus musicality, balancing, hand-eye co-ordination and many more fun skills! Our preschooler Cheer classes run Tues-Fri mornings, from 9:30am-10:00am. Parents are encouraged to join in on the fun!