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Your Talent Team is Affiliated with the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing.

The C.S.T.D. is one of the great International Dance Societies proudly serving Dance for over 80 years providing examinations in all major dance disciplines from Tinies to Teacher qualifications throughout Australia and the Asian Pacific region.  Founded by Dorothy Gladstone who remained a member of the Australian Dancing Board from 1931 to 1960. She is acknowledged by the ABD in the Hall of Fame for her Outstanding Contribution to the Growth & Achievement of a Dance Society.


The Classical Ballet syllabi comprises the Foundation Grades Syllabus, Progressive Grades Syllabus and the Major Classical Syllabus. 

In 2019 YTT will be teaching The Progressive Grades Syllabus which covers:
Pre Ballet, Primary, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Dorothy Gladstone Award.

Progressive Grades
Pre Ballet (age 5) & Primary (age 6).  These courses are for beginning students of ballet and form an introduction to basic technique and to different rhythms in music, which will later develop into musicality and enjoyment in their dancing. They learn coordination of the various body parts and how to mime, which promotes self-expression and confidence.

Progressive Grades 1-3
Here the teaching of true ballet technique commences, along with increased emphasis on correct posture, placement and line. Flexibility and strength building are also necessary components. A variety of steps are introduced and students learn both the vocabulary and how to join these together in different ways, and importantly to show enjoyment in what they are doing. Elevation, presentation and dance quality are developed throughout.

Progressive Grades 4-6
Movements become increasingly complex and varied and students learn to develop quick responses through the use of unrehearsed work. Turning steps, beaten steps and demi-pointe exercises are practiced and developed, so greater strength and control is required. An increased sense of performance, awareness of space and dynamics and development of choreography are emphasised. National dance is introduced from Grade 5 and the choice of style is flexible. Grade 6 lays the foundation for Major work which follows.

C S T D  J A Z Z

Your Talent Team offers CSTD Modern Jazz Syllabus and examinations. 

CSTD Modern Jazz syllabus was released in 2004 and now has 14 levels available including 2 Preliminary levels and a Teachers certificate and Diploma program.

There are many styles of Jazz as it has progressed and developed as a genre in its own right with a wide variety of music enhancing this dance style.  

Jazz is fun, creative, high energy, and a great fitness activity.

Class work in Jazz develops technique, posture, body alignment, strength, flexibility, personal interpretation, presentation and performance skills, dance quality, movement dynamics, articulation, coordination, rhythm and use of space.

Jazz helps children feel secure, strong and confident in their own body and their dance environment.  Jazz also encourages team work, friendships and creative expression


Have FUN moving and making music with your feet.  

A style of dance where the feet are the instrument and you create your very own sound.

CSTD Tap Syllabus and class work involves a collection of exercises, amalgamations, dances and choreographed routines.  CSTD ‘Syllabus examination caters for candidates 4 years upwards & created by Gwen Mackey OAM’

Benefits and opportunities from choosing tap:

- Exams and Eisteddfod performance opportunities.
- Learn musicality, beat tempo and timing, rhythmical accuracy
- Opportunity to experience a wide variety of Tap styles and music. 
- Traditional Tap with a variety of rhythms including the waltz, foxtrot, tango cha cha 
- Street style funk Tap to modern music

Your Talent Team prides our Tap classes on encouraging and developing a strong foundation of technique, posture, strength, control and coordination, use of space, dance quality, performance skills, personal expression and creativity.

H I P  H O P

Hip Hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music that has evolved as part of Hip Hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles.  

Hip Hop is fun!!!!   At Your Talent Team we love Hip Hop, it breaks all the rules of traditional dancing. Hip Hop encourages creativity using personality as the children get to tap into new parts of their personality.  They have freedom of movement and interpretation whilst gaining fitness.   And now we offer this to the ADULTS!! Come along and try a class for free. 

​(note:  there is no Syllabus for Hip Hop)


 Encourage your students with positivity and inspiration to fly high and free, allowing them to develop into truly unique and educated artists"

CSTD Jason Winters Contemporary syllabus places a heavy emphasis on the connection between body and mind. Dancers explore their emotions through exercises and choreography.

Contemporary dance involves playing with balance, floor work, fall and recovery, creative interpretation and expression, improvisation. With the focus on breathing posture emotional state in order to establish a mind/body connection.

" The unique clash brought about by combining so many traits of the classical world with the ever growing electronic music revolution is a major inspiration for today's contemporary movement"  Jason Winters

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