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Head Cheerleading Coach, Acro.

Born in Ballarat, dance was a part of Eliza’s life from the moment she was born, with a big sister a dedicated ballerina. Eliza started dance herself at the age of 4 at the “Ballarat Ballet Centre”, under the teachings of Trudy and Lisa Harris. Many weekends, holidays, and afternoons were spent at the well know “South Street”, a dance competition in Her Majesties theatre in Ballarat. 

Not long after starting dance, Eliza fell in love with Gymnastics. Starting at Ballarat YMCA, Eliza spent every spare moment flipping around and practicing. 
After settling in Sydney with her family, she joined Sydney North Dance under principle Lorraine Baines, completing her RAD Ballet, Jazz, and Tap exams. She enrolled in the Australian Girls Choir as another creative outlet. She also joined Epping YMCA Gymnastics, competing all levels from 1-4 at a state level and training up to level 5. It was during this time, training 4x a week that she tore her ligaments, limiting her ability to compete on the Bars apparatus and forcing her to resign from Competitive Gymnastics.  It was around this time that Eliza was invited by her Step Mother to join their Junior Calisthenics Team, at Boronia Calisthenics club, under the coaching of her step sister, Shannon Stubbs. She continued on there until it’s closure, then joining Sylvania Calisthenics under Coach Sue Mooney. 

Although not originally perusing a career in the dance and gymnastics world, Eliza continued to dance recreationally into her adult life, attending adult gymnastics, vertical fitness and aerial yoga. Instead, she completed her Cert II in Nails, and worked and studied at the prestigious makeup academy, SLA Academy in Baulkham Hills, Sydney. 

In 2015, after relocating to Nowra for a sea change for herself and her then 4 year old daughter, Eliza came across an ad for a job as a Tumbling Coach at Shoalhaven Cheer Academy. She eagerly applied, hoping to pass on all her knowledge and insight from years as a gymnast. 

Eliza is now in her 5th year coaching Cheerleading for Your Talent Team at Shoalhaven Cheer Academy, now teaching all aspects of Cheer, and a range of classes including Competition Cheer, Recreational Cheer, Preschool Cheer and tumbling classes. In 2017, she was promoted to Head Cheer Coach, taking on a bigger role amongst the Dance School. Eliza likes to ensure all students are not only learning new skills, but safely reaching their goals with correct progressions and strength. Educating the athletes on the importance of body awareness, engaging muscle groups and taking skills one step at a time is Eliza’s coaching method - from Preschoolers all the way to Seniors. 

The highlight of Eliza’s coaching career was in 2019, when Shoalhaven Cheer Academy first attended AASCF Nationals, taking 3 teams – Youth Level 1 LAZERS, Senior Level 1 SUPERNOVAZ, and Senior Level 2 LIGHTNING. All teams put out incredible routines at this huge competition, and Senior Level 1 SUPERNOVAZ came home with a 3rd place out of 19 of the best teams in Australia.

“Dance and acrobatics was a huge part of my childhood and upbringing. Being surrounded by other dance families is one of my fondest memories, and I’m excited to be a part of a new generation creating these memories. Your Talent Team has become a 2nd family to not only me, but my daughter and mother too. It is a truly remarkable place to be and I am so blessed to be part of such an amazing, talented team.”