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At Your Talent Team we offer a wide variety of Pre-schooler activities where the parents can watch their children twirling, giggling, and being creative in Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop

The aim of all teachers at YTT is to provide a safe and exciting learning environment for all Pre-schoolers. We understand the needs of a child at this stage of development. A familiar and caring environment with routine helps children to feel supported and encouraged in their individual growth, building confidence and self-esteem.

The Pre-schooler activities YTT offers provide children with the foundation of technique, structure, routine, focus, coordination, musicality, and rhythm. Body and space awareness – exploring the space they embody and the space they create. 

These activities give young children the opportunity to have fun and make friends while enhancing their learning and skill development, allowing them to explore and experience the joy of movement, expression, teamwork, and creativity.

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