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Junior Cheer Coach

Teyara was introduced to sport at the age of six; Gymnastics, Dance, Netball, Swimming, Football and Martial Arts ⁣

At the age of 14 Teyara found her love for cheerleading and hasn’t stopped since. In her words “It has made me a better person, the person I am today. Without cheer I don't know where I would be”.⁣
After 1 year training with SCA competition teams. The head coach Miss Eliza saw Teyaras potential and maturity and approached her to start training up as a junior coach. ⁣

Miss Teyara is now 18 and a fully qualified level 1 coach.⁣
Teyara continues to compete in cheerleading, with stunting being her number 1 skill along side many other skills. ⁣
Alway learning and developing her own skills and knowledge to pass onto other athletes.⁣

In 2019 Teyara competed with senior level 1 and 2. Both teams achieving great results.⁣